Zocalo Cafe: Fresh Tex-Mex in Austin | Work It Training

I had lunch Saturday afternoon at Zocalo Cafe, located in the Clarksville neighborhood at 1110 West Lynn. I enjoyed the Tacos del Mar with grilled Mahi Mahi on fresh wheat tortillas (they make them in-house without lard). The tacos were fantastic and garnished with a cabbage, carrot, and cilantro slaw. Mango-watermelon salsa and a slightly spicy dressing was on the side. Go easy on the dressing as it seemed to be mayo-based. I substituted the rice and beans with a cup of their tortilla soup, which was wonderful but did have some cheese and tortilla chips (fine in moderation). The portions were perfect and I left satisfied if not just slightly full. They have quite a few taco and salad selections that were tempting and can be kept healthy (again, easy on those dressings). Give Zocalo Cafe a try and let me know what you think. Healthy eating!

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