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The arrival of Fall also means that we have shorter hours of daylight. We love to run outside but with the sun going down earlier this means that many of us who like to trail run will be doing so before the sun rises, at dusk, or after sunset. It is important for runners to take into account safety at all times, especially when your vision, and the vision of others, is limited. Personal safety should be a concern for all runners, women and men. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe out on the trails.

Make yourself visible to vehicles. If you will be running in the early morning or evening wear brightly colored or reflective clothing. Many running shoes are reflective now and if yours are not you can buy reflective tape to stick to the heels and sides of your shoes.

Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something out of the ordinary or if something makes you uncomfortable back track and try to get to an area where there are more people and light.

Make sure you can hear the environment around you. If you like to listen to music while you run make sure the volume is at a level where you can still hear what’s going on in the area. You want to be able to hear a vehicle’s horn, a siren, or a person warning of danger.

Plan your run ahead of time and let someone know it. If you are running in the dark make sure you are very familiar with the route. Don’t use this time as an opportunity to explore unless you need to alter your route because of a dangerous situation. Tell someone where you are going or leave a note in a visible place at your house or office (an email is also a good option).

Run with a partner or group. If you have the option, try to run with others even if you don’t keep the same pace. Make sure you all have the same running route and try to establish check points.

Carry your mobile phone. Most of our mobile phones are small enough to run with and there are many options for attaching them while on the go. Go online and find a pouch or clip that is suitable for runners.

These are just a few tips to consider. Above all, use common sense. You never want to risk your safely and health for dedication to the run. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun too!

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