The Future of Fitness Technology - Clothing, Glasses, Jewelry, and VR

Fitness Technology

Over the past few years we have seen a lot of tech products hit the market to help keep us motivated and fit. It looks like the future of fitness technology will bring us even more sophisticated tech to monitor our workouts and keep us on track to reach and maintain our goals. With the improvement in all technology we can look forward to even better “virtual” workouts.

“Talking” Clothes

Get ready for your clothes to “talk” back to you! Fitness technology is making its way into the fabric of our workout clothing. Companies like Wearable X are incorporating biometric feedback technology in their yoga apparel line that lets you know how you are performing. The Nadi X yoga pants have sensors at the hips, knees, and ankles that monitor your poses. These senors gently vibrate to guide you through your workout.  Connected to their app, you will get visual, audio, and physical feedback to help you become a pose-perfect yogi. Look forward to this fabric technology extending to all fitness and life activities. You can be on the cutting edge and get your “talking” yoga pants now from Wearable X’s site for $179.

Coaching Sunglasses

Oakley has had “smart” sunglasses for a while, but their new Radar series sunglasses have become a lot more connected. The Radar series acts as a fitness coach, tracking and analyzing the users heart rate, power output, speed, distance, and time. Connected to your smartphone, the glasses will learn and provide you with audio coach feedback to improve your performance. They are also voice activated so you can ask your virtual coach questions about your workout performance while on the move. They come at a slightly hefty price tag of $449, available on their website and at select retailers.

Fitness Jewelry

Fitness tracking devices have come a long way since the bulky chest straps we used to wear. Now an entire day of activity can be tracked using a traditional-looking ring that fits around your finger. While there are a number of fitness technology rings out there, Motiv appears to have dominated the market.  With a 3-axis accelerometer, smart LED sensor, and heart rate sensor the Motiv fitness tracking ring can provide so much more than heart rate. The Motiv ring will measure your activity type, intensity, and duration. It will also track your resting heart rate, calories burned, steps, distance, and sleep patterns. The rings come in two colors, slate gray and rose gold, seven sizes, and are available on their site for $199.

Virtual Reality Gyms

Ever wanted to battle your way to a fitter, stronger body in an alien world? The future might not be another boot camp or indoor group fitness class. Black Box VR gyms are bringing virtual reality and fitness together for a whole new fitness experience. Fitted with a VR headset and connected to an advanced resistance system, users are transported to a foreign environment. There the user completes challenges, battles virtual opponents, and “levels up” to get an exhilarating, heart-pumping workout in. The initial VR gym is currently in beta but the company hopes to roll out this concept in multiple cities soon. You can catch a sneak peek at this awesome new gym concept from The Verge on YouTube now.

-by Kyle Golden, Founder and Certified Personal Trainer

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