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Park: Barton Creek Greenbelt (West) on 2/3/2009
Location: 1710 Camp Craft Road, close to Barton Creek Mall near Loop 360 and Mopac
Area: 1,770 acres in total
Call 472-1267 for info on the Barton Creek Greenbelt
Now that cedar-fever is effecting me less I ventured out to cover my first park for the year. I picked an awesome day to hike the trail. The sky was clear and the temp was in the 60s I believe. You can access the Barton Creek Greenbelt from different points but I chose the entrance off Camp Craft Road. As you enter you have to walk down a very rocky trail of steps. I highly recommend great hiking boots or shoes with good tread. It’s easy to twist an ankle. I took the first left I could when I came to a fork in the trail. This trail was cut into the side of the hill well above the creek.

There were the typical central Texas foliage of mountain juniper, live oaks, grasses and succulents. I recommend wearing long pants because the trail was very narrow and I was frequently brushed by the foliage. The trail was not friendly for running; it was quite rocky most of the time with a few sections of smooth dirt. It was VERY clean, I didn’t see any evidence of trash or vandalism (YAY!). Personally, I am not a skilled enough mountain biker for the trail I chose, but if you do bike it please take a buddy, this trail was rough, very narrow, and there were plenty of points where you could fall right of the side of the hill to the creek area. I did see bike tread imprints along the way so bikers ride it.

There were a couple of sections where the trees cleared and I could see awesome, sweeping views of the hills and the creek. See some of my pictures below. I hiked until the trail segment ended at a street backing to an apartment complex. I then turned around and headed back. I tracked my path using Trailguru on my iPhone and in all I hiked almost 3 kilometers in 40 minutes and burned 330 calories according to my Polar monitor.

I had a great time out at the greenbelt and there are plenty of other trails within, so I will definitely return to report on another trail in the Barton Creek Greenbelt.

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