Sauteed Brussels Sprout Greens - Work It Training


Here is the recipe for the sauteed Brussels sprouts greens I made to go with my risotto.


2 Large Bunches Brussels Sprout Greens* (about 20 large leaves)
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
Olive Oil


Rinse greens and cut off most of the stems. (Optional – You can finely dice the stems and add to the dish when sauteing). Cut the leaves lengthwise and julienne leaves at about ¼ inch slices. Heat oil in a skillet and add garlic, stir garlic to prevent from burning. Saute garlic for a few minutes and add greens. Stir greens with the garlic oil, making sure to not burn garlic. Add a couple of dashes of salt and pepper. Continue to stir and sauté greens until fork tender but still bright green. Serve with risotto dish listed.

*You can substitute any large leafy green (kale, collard, broccoli greens, chard).
Click HERE for the risotto recipe.

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