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    In-Season Strength Training

    By Work It Trainer Shane Whitehead, CSCS Trying to get stronger during the season can be a challenging task.  Your body has a limited ability to recover from the combination of practice, competitions and strength training, so you need to prioritize what is most important at different times throughout the year.  If you have a […]

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    Fitness With The Family

    by Work It Trainer Shane Whitehead, CSCS Staying in shape doesn’t require hours in the gym, there are plenty of exercises you can do with your bodyweight or minimal equipment that will challenge even the strongest of people.  Bodyweight exercises are great for adults as well as kids since they teach body awareness and there […]

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    2014 AIDS Walk Austin

    Join team Work It Training in the 2014 AIDS Walk Austin benefitting AIDS Services of Austin. The opening ceremonies will be held at 1:30pm with the walk starting at 2pm from Republic Square in downtown Austin. This is the first time Work It has participated as a team and company in the walk. We have […]

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    Video Workout – Single Dumbbell Workout

    Here is the second video in our series of video exercise routines. This workout uses a single dumbbell for all three exercises. You may want to select a weight that you can use for all three exercises before doing the workout. You can combine this workout with others in the series to make a more […]

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    Video Workout – Body-Weight 1

    Many of our clients, past and present, have asked us to post exercise videos that they can perform at home or while out of town. So… we have listened and this is our first workout video featuring Work It trainer Shane Whitehead, CSCS. We will aim to keep each video around 2 minutes or less […]

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